2020 Skater Registration Form

Welcome to Showtime on Ice! We are getting ready to get our 2020 production underway! Please read through the Skater Registration Guide and Casting Criteria.

The 2020 registration form starts at the end of this page. 



Registration Notes

Please note that we export all of our data EXACTLY how you enter it in our system so please, please, please take the time to enter the proper name, the proper case and the exact spelling of your skaters name (dads too, if they are doing Father/Daughter).

  • Please enter the EXACT name for your skater that you would like on the cast list, t-shirt, etc. If your daughter’s name is Alexandra, but she goes by Alex, and you want her name to be Alex on all of the show materials – please enter Alex and not Alexandra.  
  • Please use proper case when filling out the form. Do not use all caps and do not use all lowercase. 
  • Please check the spelling of your skater’s name after you enter it. 
  • Please make sure that you enter your skaters name and not yours in the skater name field. If you use auto-fill, please go back thorough and verify all of the information is correct. 
  • If your skater is testing on November 1 – enter their CURRENT level on the registration form. Please do not enter the level they are testing for. We will receive all of the test results from that day and will adjust all passed freeskate tests accordingly by audition morning. For example, if your skater is a Juvenile skater and they pass into Intermediate freeskate then they will attend the Intermediate audition time. 

Registration CLOSES
October 30, 2019 (Please note that we do not take walk-in registrations on audition day)

Last Test for Casting Consideration* (Please remember that we cast by freeskate levels).
Friday, November 1, 2019 (Please note that we cannot change any skater for any reason to a different level after the November 1, 2019 test. Test dates after November 1, 2019 will not be considered and skaters cannot be moved.)

*Learn to Skate test skaters – if your skater is testing on the November 1 test date for Pre Preliminary Freeskate; you will register as learn to skate for the first half of the show. After the test, we will adjust the registrations for all passed tests and move your skater to both halves of the show. Passed skaters will attend the Pre Pre audition time. Your final payment in January will reflect the change to both halves.