Laura Doty Gaumond

Laura Doty Gaumond recently retired from a decade-long career performing in professional ice shows. She was a principal pair skater for Willy Bietak Productions/Royal Caribbean International, Holiday on Ice, Advanced Entertainment Group, Woodstock Ice Productions, and others, as well as a specialty performer in Disney on Ice. Her career highlights include performing in High School Musical: The Ice Tour with a live microphone in Madison Square Garden in New York City, and being a professional partner to a celebrity in Skating with the Stars on live TV in the Netherlands. Before she joined the ice shows, Laura received her BA in English from the University of Denver, where she met her friend, Justin, who later turned into her skating partner and then her husband. Laura is currently choreographing and coaching the Ice Theatre of the Rockies and is excited to be one of the choreographers of Showtime on Ice this year.     


Justin Gaumond

Justin Gaumond recently retired from a 5 year professional skating career performing if professional ice shows. He was a principal pair skater for Willy Bietak Productions/Royal Caribbean International, Advanced Entertainment Group, and others. His career highlights include traveling Europe while skating for Holiday on Ice, and living and performing on three different cruise ships. Before skating professionally, Justin went to the US Figure Skating Championships 11 times in pairs, and competed on the US National and International teams. He also skated in Showtime on Ice for at least 10 years. Justin completed a BA in theatre at the University of Denver, where he met his wife, Laura, while skating on the DU Club figure skating team. Justin is currently a coach for Ice Theatre of the Rockies, and he is excited to be involved in Showtime on Ice again.



Terrie Neukirch

Terrie is a USFS Gold medalist in Figures and Freestyle, as she has passed the Pre Silver Dance test and Second Class ISU Figures and Freestyle tests. She was a Regional and Sectional competitor and trained with World and Olympic coach, Norma Sahlin. When finished competing she became a professional skater for Ice Capades. Terrie has been coaching at South Suburban Ice Arena since 1982 where she has become a PSA Level 4 Master Freestyle and Registered Moves in the field coach as well as Gold ISI judge. She has coached skaters at all levels including Junior National and National competitors. She has spent many years involved with Showtime on ice.




Jamie Lane-Youtsey

Jamie has been a competitive skater for 21 years and has been coaching for 10 years at South Suburban Ice Arena. She has competed 5 times at the U.S. Synchronized Skating National Championships at the Senior level and 4 times at the National Theatre on Ice Championships at the Senior level. She is a Double Gold Medalist and has also passed 2 International Dances. She is a member of the Professional Skaters Organization and has her Senior Rating in Moves in the Field, Registered Rating Choreography, her Certified ratings in Freestyle and Dance is also a member of the PSA Sports Medicine Committee.

Jamie is a co-head coach/choreographer for the Ice Theatre of the Rockies Intermediate and Junior teams and has been a choreographer for Showtime on Ice for the last 7 years. She is an instructor at Artistic Body Development where she teaches Myopatterning classes and is also on staff at the Littleton Ballet Academy where she teaches Strength & Conditioning classes. Jamie loves spending her free time with her husband and their beautiful baby girl Carter Lee who they welcomed in September of 2015!    


Hollie Price-Quinn

Hollie is a double gold medalist in Moves in the Field and Freestyle.  She was a Regional and Sectional competitor and trained with world and Olympic coaches Christy Krall, Janet Champion and Kathy Casey.  Hollie has been coaching for 17 years.  She is an International Coach and PSA certified rated coach in Freestyle.  Although this is Hollie’s 1st year helping with Showtime On Ice, she has had skaters involved for the last 12 years.  When Hollie is not coaching, she enjoys spending time with her daughter Maryn, son Gavin, and husband Patrick.





Jessica Williams


Originally from Texas, I started coaching at South Suburban in 2011 after obtaining my MA degree in Sport and Performance Psychology from the University of Denver. I am a PSA rated coach and currently teach freestyle, moves in the field, and ice dance. In addition, I coach Ice Theatre of the Rockies along with Jamie, Justin, and Laura. Along with coaching, I am a Certified Consultant with the Association for Applied Sport Psychology. My first experience with Showtime on Ice was in 2016 in the Ice Dance number. Past skating accomplishments include passing my Senior MIF, Senior FS, Senior Solo Freedance, and Gold Dance tests. I am also the 2013 and 2014 National Solo Dance Finalist Senior Bronze Medalist and 2014 and 2015 National Solo Dance Finalist International Pattern Silver Medalist.