FATHER DAUGHTER INFORMATION  (You must be registered to participate in this number)

IMPORTANT CHANGE THIS YEAR – The Father/Daughter number will take place in the first half of the show near the end of COCO.

Welcome to Father/Daughter! If this is your first year, the Father/Daughter number is a time-honored tradition that is a show highlight and will give you lasting memories with your daughter. Below you will find all the information you need. If you have any questions, please contact us at showtimeonicecolorado@gmail.com


  • YOU WILL SKATE IN TWO SHOWS (We go by skater last names.)
    • Last names M-Z will skate in the Friday evening and Saturday matinee shows.
    • Last names A-L will skate in the Saturday evening and Sunday matinee shows.
    • Dad’s – Black pants and a white button shirt. Nice black jeans are fine too.
    • Skaters – your first half costume.
    • Wear your own if you have them
    • We provide free rentals for those who need them. Please arrive early to your scheduled rehearsals/showtimes to get your skates.
  • MANDATORY REHEARSAL – Tuesday, April 16
    • 6:00pm – 6:45pm – Father / Daughter A-L (Skater’s Last Name)
    • 6:45pm – 7:30pm – Father / Daughter M-Z (Skater’s Last Name)
      • We will post detailed times soon but plan to be at the rink by 6:00pm. 
      • If you need skates – you will rent your size and write your name and skate size on an index card. After you rehearse, you will place the index card in your rentals and place them on a cart provided. You will pick up your skates from the cart on your assigned performance days.
      • You will be led through the North rink to the backstage area when it is your time.
      • The times for this night are approximate. Please be patient. We may need to run a scene again here and there.
      • Wear black pants (nice black jeans are fine) and a white shirt.
      • FRIDAY EVENING AND SATURDAY MATINEE – M-Z and graduating seniors.
      • SATURDAY EVENING AND SUNDAY MATINEE – A-L and graduating seniors.
        • Check in at the North rink by your scheduled times. We will have these posted as we get closer to the show.
        • Your skates will be nearby on the designated cart.
        • HAVE FUN!

Contact us HERE if you have any questions.