Rehearsal Schedule

Rehearsals begin March 30 (Please check your rehearsal schedule as not all group and characters will attend the first weekend of rehearsals.) If you are new to the show, please see attached document on how to read the rehearsal schedule. ALL REHEARSALS ARE AT SOUTH SUBURBAN ICE ARENA.



  • PLEASE ATTEND ALL REHEARSALS THAT YOU ARE SCHEDULED FOR – we only have a few short weeks to get our show together and we need everyone to attend rehearsals.
  • PLEASE DRESS WARM and bring hats, mittens, blankets and water. If your child wears a helmet, please have them bring that as well.
  • PLEASE COME READY TO WORK! We have a lot to cover so we expect all of our skaters to come ready to learn their parts and have fun! Bring your biggest listening ears and follow all instructions given by our Directors, Choreographers and Junior Choreographers.
  • PLEASE DO NOT WEAR YOUR COSTUME TO REHEARSALS. You will only need them for dress rehearsals and show weekend.