Skater Memory Page

Dear skater families,
Everyone has heard a fair amount about the exciting 45th year of Showtime on Ice. Much of the anniversary will be centered around memories, nostalgia and creating an environment during show weekend for our skaters, our show alumni and even for the public.We can all walk through the lobby and get the “Showtime on Ice” experience! There will be a beautiful backdrop for photos and plenty of wonderful pictures and memories to share. And of course, a few surprises!

When we mark an anniversary it is natural to think about the past. However, this show committee feels just as strongly about the future! So we invite all of this year’s skaters to participate in “Telling Our Tale”! Please download and print the template below. Your skater is welcome to complete a memory page (front page only!). The file is a PDF so it is best to hand write the memory (we actually believe that there is a old school charm in hand-written eight year old writing :0). Please make sure it is appropriate in every way as it will be displayed publicly!

Easy Steps to participate (FORMS ARE DUE MONDAY NIGHT of SHOW WEEK)
1. Download the form and print —> Telling Our Tale FORM
2. Handwrite the response unless you have a fancy PDF editor program that will work – type away if preferred!
3. Remember – limited to one page only – front side
4. Return to any of the following people below or place in an envelop in the Showtime on Ice box at SSIA with Carrie’s name on it: Carrie Ochitwa, Christine Maciolek, Lori Sewill, Tamara Valdez, Danielle Butler  or Valerie Powell
5. DO NOT GIVE YOUR COMPETED MEMORY FORM TO DIRECTORS! – Sally or Amy (this is a bit of a surprise for them)

If you have questions, please email Carrie –