Test Survey

This is a test
  • Please respond to the following question at each level.
    As normal but with limited cast numbers (i.e. 100 skaters instead of 200)
    Somewhat normal - maybe two shows instead of four, limited props, minimal lighting (if any), limited rehearsals and no dressing rooms
    Minimal - two days, minimal props, no lighting, limited rehearsals, no dressing rooms
    Showtime Celebration - a very minimal production for one or two performances with limited rehearsals. This would essentially have small numbers (similar to the holiday shows) and highlight the seniors
  • Please respond to the statements below
    I like chocolate ice cream
    I like vanilla ice cream
    I like strawberry ice cream
  • If you have already decided that you will not register your skater(s) for the 2021 show, please fill out the following. This is purely for our records and the information we gather will not be shared.
    COVID concerns
    Financial uncertainity
    Afraid that the 2021 show will be cancelled