We are grateful for the fantastic parents that volunteer their time every year to make the show a great success. It takes many hands to ensure our kids and community have an memorable experience. From the first-time family to Showtime veterans, there is something for everyone! When everyone helps we stay in compliance with our SafeSport protocol – critical for our skaters and smoothing running shows!

We will open the rest of the volunteer positions once all the dressing rooms spots have been filled. 




First time parents – It takes a village to put on a production like Showtime on Ice and we know that the first year can be a bit confusing. We do need everyone’s help so if you have any questions about how a volunteer job works/time commitment/etc, please ask! A great place to get your feet wet is as a dressing room parent. You can sign-up for your child’s room and see firsthand the fun they are having and the friendships they are making. There are many opportunities for this so pick one or two shows. The cooperative effort is amazing – parents can watch a show knowing that their own volunteer time means another family has the same benefit! 

Volunteer Coordinators: Karla Tack – Email    Megan Robinson – Email