We are grateful for the fantastic parents that volunteer their time every year to make our show a great success. It takes many hands to ensure our kids and community have a safe and memorable experience.

Please read through all of this information. The safety of our skaters is our top priority. We need your help to fill our rink with eligible, compliant volunteers.

SafeSport and background checks for volunteers– we are asking that our volunteer dressing rooms parents complete the SafeSport training (free for USFS members and $20 for non-members) and complete a quick, online background check ($30). Both are good for one year (SafeSport now requires a quick refresher course each year). 

United States Figure Skating has been enforcing SafeSport protocol. Having these completed will help you year-round, at any USFS sanctioned competition or event that you wish to volunteer. Compliant volunteers are very much needed! Both the certification and the background check can be completed easily from your computer and are available right from your USFS Member site.


If I am volunteering as a dressing room parent, do I need to be SafeSport certified and background checked? – Yes, for the safety of all our skaters, dressing room parents are required to have SafeSport training and a background check. 

We are new to skating and are not a member of United States Figure Skating. How do I complete the SafeSport course and background check? – If you are not a member you may register for an account with USFS as a non-member OR you can sign up as a member through Colorado Skating Club or Denver Figure Skating Club. All of the information is below or contact your coach for more information. 

How long does it take to become SafeSport certified – You can complete the SafeSport certification from the comfort of your own home. It’s a simple online course that doesn’t take much time to complete. 

What is the process for the background check? – This is also very simple and is an online form. You just complete the form and submit. It takes about 10 days to get your certificate. This will also be an online document. 

Does Showtime on Ice pay for the background checks? – No. We are a non-profit organization that cannot afford to pay for all of our volunteer checks. We wish we could! However, your background check will be applicable at all USFS sanctioned competitions and events.

Where else can I use my SafeSport and background check? – At any USFS sanctioned event as a volunteer or a chaperone. 

I completed my SafeSport check last year. Is it still valid? Maybe. SafeSport now requires a quick refresher course each year. The best way to verify your compliance status is to logon to your USFS account and check your compliance page. If you have things to complete, it should be clearly stated with links to take you where you need to go.

I already have a background check from my job, may I use that? – Unfortunately, no. United States Figure Skating requires their own background check system. 

United States Figure Skating SafeSport FAQ’s – Click HERE


NEW FAMILIES THAT ARE NOT AFFILIATED WITH A CLUB – You can sign up with United States Figure Skating as a non-member volunteer. 

  1. CLICK HERE to register to volunteer as a non-member of United States Figure Skating. 
  2. If you would like to become a member of United States Figure Skating Club, you may do so through either Colorado Skating Club or Denver Figure Skating Club. Follow this links below or talk with your child’s coach.

Colorado Skating Club – Click HERE to join and for more information on CSC. 

Denver Figure Skating Club – Click HERE to join and for more information on DFSC.



Follow these steps (click on images to enlarge):

 1. Log into your member site on

 2. Click on the United States Figure Skating SafeSport icon

 3. You will be able to follow instructions from there for both SafeSport and Background Check

4. Once you have completed the SafeSport and the Background checks, send us a copy of your SafeSport certificate and your approved background check via the link below.

You will also see your compliance status on your member page. Again, these are great to get out of the way now so you will have your SafeSport certification and background check all season long

Upload your SafeSport and Background Checks HERE


Denver Figure Skating Club – Log HERE

Colorado Skating Club – Log HERE